A logo is the graphical identity of what it must represent, be it a commercial product, a cultural initiative or a brand for consumer products.

But how is a logo born? What determines its form and content? As always in the first phase of study we start brainstorming, without limitations of any kind or particular constraint. This continues until we reach a selection of very different proposals.

Only after the preparation of these first proposals, do we delve into detail, trying to reconcile the demands of a creative nature, with the needs of the customer.

This creative process, not always written, but codified over time, is also the basis for the birth of the KTI brand, which encompasses the philosophy and mission of Key Technology Innovation, a company dedicated to continuous innovation in the automotive industry.

Concepts encompassed by the three letters, KTI, trace an evolutionary path of what we offer, commencing from the manual realization of the artifacts to the study, design and outcome of the final product.

All of this whilstremaining faithful to the history of its founder,the KTI logo represents the drawing board, the hammer and the pencil, which together symbolises the entire process that generates the innovative final outcome. The true meaning of the logo is embodied as follows, the hammer is used to identify the letter "T", and represents to model the metal plate, the drawing board, represented by the letter "K" representing to code the project, and the pencil found in the letter "I", an indispensable means for transferring a thought onto paper.

Using images linked to the pastmight seem like a contradiction, for a brand devoted to innovation, however, on the contrary, it serves to underline how continuous evolution cannot be separated from the old working methods, from knowledge accumulated over time and how, in the basis of development for new projects, there is always the irreplaceable work of manwho has learned from his life.

To finally emphasize this concept, the outer part of the logo consists of a small triangular element, detached from the three letters, but still part of the while. A stylized "eraser", essential to make any changes and to remember how the last word always belongs to man and his power to change the future.

Paolo D’Alessio