The definition of innovation is the transformation of an idea into a solution that adds value to the initial concept, guaranteeing better results and benefits for everyone. It is all that is new, useful and surprising.

Creativity and innovation are often thought to be the same thing, but creativity is actually thinking of something new, while innovation is the implementation of something new.

Innovative ideas can be big or small, but breakthrough or disruptive innovation is something that either creates a new category, or changes an existing one dramatically, and makes obsoletethe existing market leader.

KTI has a strong advocacy for innovation, convinced that it can make a significant contribution which will inspire future series productions and transform the automotive landscape.

Range Extender

The range extender drives an electric generator which charges a battery which supplies the vehicle's electric motor with electricity. This arrangement is known as a series hybrid drivetrain. The most commonly used range extenders are internal combustion engines.

The key function of the range extender is to increase the vehicle's range.

Starting from a clean-sheet, the KTI Range extender engine is design to be light and compact.

One feasible solution to overcome the limitations in current battery technology is the integration of an on-board ‘fuel converter’. Its function is to convert liquid fuel, such as gasoline, into electrical energy whilst driving, thus enabling the traction battery storage capacity to be reduced, whilst still maintaining an acceptable vehicle range. Based on this primary function, the on-board fuel converter has become known within the industry as a range extender. In simple terms, the range extender is an auxiliary power unit consisting of a small internal combustion engine coupled with an electric generator which is used to re-charge the battery pack.

The KTI Range Extender engine features an innovative architecture. This results in reduced engine mass, assembly costs, package size and improved emissions and engine durability.